Sunday, September 20, 2009

What happened to my battery life on Iphone OS 3.1? You'd think apple took a stake in an aftermarket secondary battery company.

My iphone 3.1 battery life is just atrocious.  I noticed about 2 days after upgrading that I couldn’t make it through a whole day without having to recharge it.  A quick search of the newsgroups reveals a host of theories and recommended things to try.  I did all the basic ones, turning off push notifications, Bluetooth, etc.   In the end the only thing I have found that seems to work is putting the phone in “airplane mode” when I don’t need it.  

Everyone I talk to has a slightly different experience, and there are a few 3.1 users who aren't having an issue.  My personal conspiracy theory is that AT&T enabled a new section of spectrum around the same time apple released the 3.1 upgrade and some combiniation of the two has resulted in half-lifeing my battery.

The 3.1 release is probably a pass, it has it has a number of bugs, my data connection always thinks its working when I have no signal, they disabled my tethering ability (which I live by), and they broke exchange support.   Sadly like all apple upgrades there is no way to downgrade.

The sad thing, I still LOVE my iphone.  I feel like such a techno-lush.

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